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A masterful twist on one of Australia’s most beloved ice creams. On the outside: a soft, rich fusion of caramel and chocolate ganache covered with crunchy crumbled gluten free crumb; on the inside, a strip of milk gelato enrobed in caramel gelato, with gooey caramel sauce oozing from its centre.

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Ordering Ahead

Online cake orders generally require a 4-day turnaround. If you don’t have 4 days, visit or call our Preston store on (03) 9480 5776. We have a small selection of ready to purchase cakes available in store.

Taking Your Cake Home

Our recommended travel time for cakes is 20 mins from store to freezer. The Vegan Bombalaska travel time is 10 minutes. To ensure your cakes reach their destination safely we recommend a cooler bag with ice blocks or an Eksy for transportation. Store your cake in your freezer at home.


Take your cake out of the freezer 5-10 minutes prior to serving. Use a warm, dry knife to cut and serve.